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Look no further! I specialize in bespoke web designs that comprises of visually pleasing fonts and graphics, SEO-friendly code, consistent branding, fluid layout, and quick loading pages.
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Soji Jacob

Web Master, Programmer

A Web Developer, SEO  and WordPress specialist based in Bangalore. Over the past 10 years, I have built successful brands for clients, contracted with a number of agencies and worked on hundreds of website projects.

Extremely passionate about designing websites; I constantly research new ideas to solve problems. I specialize in creating the best experience possible for my clients by focusing on usable backend content management with WordPress.

I use the latest and best practices in all areas of web development. I have a strong focus and desire to make designs that are usable and accessible. My work is optimized for performance and search engine placement. Clients find me easy to work with, strategic, obsessively organized, responsive and sharply focused on their project and budget requirements.

I hold a Masters degree in Computer Science Engineering. I exercise continuing education and persistent practice to achieve the level of mastery that enables me to contribute to the success of others’ businesses and organizations. I am constantly following and implementing the latest techniques, tools, trends, best practices and efficiencies in this rapidly-changing industry.

Some Facts About Me:

  • 10+ years of experience
  • 450+ successful projects
  • Responsive
  • Attention to details


Why Work With Me

Holistic & Agile

When approaching  a website design project, I take into consideration the Business impact, technology and stacks involves, planning and research, design and performance all at the same time. The previous and next steps, as well as goals and scope, will always be part of the conversation.


I enjoy working along with customer from a multitude of time zones, from all around the world and I very well comprehend the importance of responding to your queries promptly.


With over 10 years experience, I work on projects for small to medium size businesses as well as larger marketing teams.


By devising the best strategy and innovative solutions, custom tailored for each client and their budget, I am able to guarantee success above and beyond expectations.


Stuff I’m Really Good At

Bespoke E-Commerce Development

- Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify -

E-Commerce Development

Offers solutions that form a solid foundation for your website and that will provide you with the ability to manage your web content effectively. Gone are the days of waiting for your web designer to make changes to your site.

Web Sites Development

- WordPress, Drupal, Static, Angular -

Web Site Development

The web is changing and you – the business owner – should be in control. The key is to have a solution that works for you and your customers, that is robust and stable enough to meet business demands and that is agile enough to change when you need it to.

Online Marketing

- SEO, SMM, AdWords -

Online Marketing

Web marketing is not about quick wins, keyword tags, trickery, gimmicks or adwords. Successful web marketing is about building a holistic strategy that incorporates everything from social media to PR, from EDMs to link building.


- Web, Mobile, E-Commerce -


With over 10 years of experience in the web sphere I have watched Google mature, seen facebook grow from a giant clumsy toddler into a larger clumsy adolescent, I have seen the rise of social media and the demise of SEO.

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6 Short Steps Towards Your Brand New Website
  • 1. Discussion

  • 2. Planning

  • 3. Design/Revisions

  • 4. Coding

  • 5. Deploy

  • 6. Website Is Ready!


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Soji Jacob

Web Master, Programmer